The Absent Robin

The nest could not fly along

It’s caught in the branches

Sun-and-rain-preventing shadows

Wings that flapped away into Sun and rain

Like a dish antenna opening into the sky, the nest

Fling your ear onto it amongst branches

Like a gurgle in the radio receiver unable to connect to a station

Green lyrics would whisper deep into you

A little of clay, some dry twigs, the nest

Like some hard/soft flesh and a few bones

Like an aged bird that never grew wings

Like a lamp that flew away from

The two hands covering from the winds

Emptily and melancholy,

Sits on the branches, the nest

Little Robins that took their birth

And grew their wings here;

Why don’t they come back to the nest, ever?

Had they lost their way in the labyrinth of the skies?

The little girl of our house is gone on vacation

I will have to ask her, when she returns

Why, why and why …………………….?



  • Asitha kesh




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