Life and Death – poem by Sri Sri

“A village. A hospital in this village.
Another village. A police-station in that village.
In this village, in that village and in the entire country- it was midnight.
A pregnant with contractions was brought to the hospital. She was 40 years old.
An young-man with hands cuffed was taken to the police station. He was 20 years old.

The pregnant was crying with agony.
The downcast youth was grinning.

The doctors were speaking with optimism, in hospital.
The police were , swearing viciously in station.

“You don’t have to worry! It’s a difficult situation, but we are out of danger”

“son of a bitch! reading Mao? wanting to change the world? First, we will take you down!”

Doctors were about to start their treatment.

Police were whetting their instruments.

The scene turned out to be violent- here and there.

By the time it dawned there-  in hospital- a new life. By the time sky lit up here- in police station- a death.”





Poem Transalated by Rohith 

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