Wings of Love & Love Things as They Are


  1. Wings of Love

She is that ocean of emotions,

Who cried oceans for you,who gives u love in excess and lacks in excess.

She is that desert of thirst,

who’s awaiting your showers of love to be poured into her thirsty heart.

She is that bird whose wings know better the winds of freedom

But still she chose flying back to u.

She chose you first and freedom next

She chose you first and happiness next

Cause, to her, u meant everything

So love her the way she loves u.


  1. Love things as They Are

People say there’s lot of pain in love.

But that doesn’t hurt me.

Cause I love the pain that made me know what love is .

The mirror says “you are not beautiful”

But that doesn’t hurt me

Cause I love the mirror that taught me to appreciate things the way they look like.

My friends say “you r wrong”

But that doesn’t hurt me.

Cause I love those friends who do not simply follow me blindly like a shadow but correct me when am wrong.

Time says ” you are a loser ”

But that doesn’t hurt me.

Cause I love the time that made me realize how valuable each second is while I ran out of it.

Arhsia Anzun

Name: Arshia Anjum, Place : Kurnool
Studied MBBS at dr.vrk women's medical CLG, Hyderabad, chose to write cause words can change people for good and better and
whenever she feels pain she sing to make her heart alright. She says that she
believes both poetry and singing are like dua (prayer) ) and dawa (medication).

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